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Binäre Mesokristalle

Forscherteam unter Konstanzer Leitung erzeugt erstmals dreidimensionale Mesokristalle aus zwei unterschiedlichen Typen von Nanokristallen – Platin und Magnetit. Dies legt den Grundstein für die Synthese neuartiger nanostrukturierter Festkörper mit bisher unerforschten Eigenschaften.

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Phase behaviour in 2D assemblies of dumbbell-shaped colloids generated under geometrical confinement

Rouven Stuckert, Anton Lüders, Alexander Wittemann, Peter Nielaba

The structure formation and the phase behaviour of monolayers of dumbbell-shaped colloids are explored. For this, we conduct Langmuir–Blodgett experiments at the air/water interface and conventional Brownian dynamic simulations without hydrodynamic interactions. Using Voronoi tessellations and the probability density of the corresponding shape factor of the Voronoi cells p(z), the influence of the area fraction f on the…

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Origin of the Anisotropy and Structure of Ellipsoidal Poly(fluorene) Nanoparticles

Annika Sickinger  and Stefan Mecking

Polymer nanoparticles with a nonspherical shape are difficult to access and rare. Heterophase Suzuki–Miyaura polycondensation can yield distinct ellipsoidal poly(9,9′-dioctylfluorene) nanoparticles. We reveal the origin of this unusual particle shape by a combination of experimental approaches. Given sufficient chain mobility, enabled by the choice of a suitable organic solvent, also prefabricated oligomers with a DPn ≥ ca. 10 and polymers can form…

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Simple Determination of Gold Nanocrystal Dimensions by Analytical Ultracentrifugation via Surface Ligand-Solvent Density Matching

Guillermo González-RubioHolger HilbertRose RosenbergBing NiLisa FuhrerHelmut Cölfen

Analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) is a powerful technique to observe colloidal nanocrystals (NCs) directly in solution and obtain critical information about their physical-chemical properties. Nevertheless, a more comprehensive implementation of AUC for the characterisation of such a class of crystalline colloids has been traditionally impaired by the requirement of having a priori knowledge of…

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