A10: Shape-anisotropic particles and tunable “colloidal molecules”

Principle Investigator:

Prof. Dr. A. Wittemann

About project A10: 

“Colloidal molecules” resulting from the assembly of nanoparticles into stable clusters with defined geometry and plasmonic nanoparticle clusters are synthesised and investigated. A central objective is to tune the size and function of the colloidal molecules and to make them flexible with switchable distances between the particles provided by soft particles or gel linkers, in imitation of molecular flexibility. This opens up perspectives for tailor-made colloids not only with complex geometries but also tunable global dimensions and physical properties.

Publications in the Project:

Plüisch, C.S.; Wittemann, A.

Assembly of Nanoparticles into "Colloidal Molecules":  Toward Complex and yet Defined Colloids  with  Exciting Perspectives in Advances in Colloid Science