A5: Shape dependent properties of anisotropic magnetic particles

Principle Investigators:

apl. Prof. Dr. Mikhail Fonin, Prof. Dr. U. Nowak and Prof. Dr. S. Polarz

About project A5:

The goal of the project is an understanding of how far the properties of magnetic, nanoscaled particles relate to their crystal shape. We will explore ensembles of tailored nanoparticles of ferro-, ferri- and antiferromagnetic magnetic oxides. A joint effort will be used, combining the synthesis of particles with well-defined morphologies with state-of-the-art analytical methods and accompanying computer simulations to reveal the expected complex spin structures. We aim for the development of novel magnetic materials on the basis of the morphology of the underlying nanoparticles.

Publications in the Project:

Armin Kleibert, Ana Balan, Rocio Yanes, Peter M. Derlet, C. A. F. Vaz, Martin Timm, Arantxa Fraile Rodríguez, Armand Béché, Jo Verbeeck, R. S. Dhaka, Milan Radovic, Ulrich Nowak, and Frithjof Nolting

Direct observation of enhanced magnetism in individual size- and shape-selected 3d transition metal nanoparticles

Phys. Rev. B 95, 195404

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.95.195404