Anisotropic Particles

Tailoring Shape, Interactions and Structures

From September 25th to 28th 2018 the collaborative research center SFB1214 organizes an international symposium with the topic Anisotropic Particles: Tayloring Shape, Interactions and Structures.

The 4-day symposium will be held at the University of Konstanz, located just outside of the city. Oral presentations and postersessions give stage to a variaty of discussions. 

The following speakers confirmed their attendance:

Matthias Ballauff                     Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin                       Germany
Joachim Bill                               University of Stuttgart                              Germany
Seth Fraden                              Brandeis University                                    USA
Juan M.Garcia Ruiz                 CSIC-University of Granada                   Spain
Armin Kleibert                          Paul Scherrer Institut                                Switzerland
Ian Manners                              University of Bristol                                    UK
Valeria Molinero                       University of Utah                                       USA
David Pine                                 New York University                                   USA
Tanja Schilling                          University of Freiburg                                Germany
Matthias Schmidt                   University of Bayreuth                               Germany
Gerold Schneider                   Hamburg University of Technology      Germany
Peter Schurtenberger          Lund University                                            Sweden
Andreas Walther                    University of Freiburg                                 Germany
Younan Xia                               Georgia Institute of Technology              USA
Shu Hong Yu                           Univ. of Science and Tech. of China       China

The symposium gives chance to present and discuss the latest results in research of anisotropic particles. Besides a multitude of oral presentations there are also two poster sessions, offering potential to present results in individual discussions.

Proposals for contributed talks and posters are welcome. Especially early career scientists are encouraged to apply.

Besides the scientific program there are offers for joint meals, coffee breaks as well as the opportunity to learn more about the city of Konstanz.

The registration fee includes snacks during coffee breaks, lunch (2 times), a dinner and the conference dinner.