Symposium "Anisotrope Partikel"

Programm und Räume

Das Symposium findet im R-Gebäude, im Hörsaal R611 statt. Dieser liegt direkt gegenüber dem Haupteingang der Universität im Haltebereich der Busse der Linien 9 und 11. Details finden sich im Campusplan .

Die Postersessions finden auf der Ebene K7 statt.

Dienstag, 25. September:

10:00 - 13:15 Anmeldung

13:15 Einführung Helmut Cölfen

13:30 Plenary Talk Younan Xia: Anisotropic Nanoparticles through Symmetry Breaking

14:20 Denis Gebauer: The Mechanism of Non-Classical Nucleation

14:40 Cristina Ruiz Agudo: Designer Proteins Towards Controlling Crystallization

15:00 Kaffeepause

15:30 Stefan Mecking: Anisotropic Polymer Nanoparticles

16:10 Sebastian Polarz: Shape and 'Impurities' of Nanoparticles as a Tool to Control Functional Properties

16:50 Klaus Boldt: Soft Matter Intermediates Determine the Shape Anisotropy of Nanocrystals

17:10 Poster Session

18:00   Dinner

Mittwoch, 26. September

09:00 Plenary Talk Seth Fraden: Boundaries tame flow in active fluids of extensile filaments

09:50 Invited Talk Valeria Molinero: Self-assembly of zeolitic crystals assisted by mesophases

10:20 Clemens Bechinger: Assembly of elliptical colloids by critical Casimir forces

10:40 Kaffeepause

11:10 Marcel Rey: Anisotropic self-assembly of isotropic colloidal building blocks

11:30 Christine Peter / Peter Nielaba: Non standard phenomena and anisotropy in nucleation

12:10 Mittagspause

13:30 Invited Talk Matthias Ballauf: Anisotropic Particles: Relating Shape to Applications

14:00 Lukas Ebner: Sum Frequency Microscopy

14:20 Andreas Zumbusch: Crystallisation of colloidal particles

14:40 Kaffeepause

15:10 Helmut Cölfen: Towards high resolution nanoparticle size analysis

15:30 Invited Talk Armin Kleibert: Towards atomic level understanding of nanoparticle magnetism by means of correlated single particle investigations

16:00 Plenary Talk Peter Schurtenberger: Assembling responsive colloids with anisotropic interactions and shape

19:30 Reception at Constanzer Wirtshaus

20:00  Conference Dinner at Constanzer Wirtshaus

Donnerstag, 27. September

09:00 Plenary Talk Ian Manners: Functional 1D and 2D Nano- and Microparticles via “Living” Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly

09:50 Invited Talk Matthias Schmidt: Towards nonequilibrium physics for anisotropic particles

10:20 Alexander Wittemann: Hydrodynamic analysis of “colloidal molecules”
and their fractionation at larger scales

10:40 Kaffeepause

11:10 Robin Klupp Taylor: Anisotropic particles via heterogeneous nucleation and growth: Multi-dimensional characterization and gram-scale production

11:30 Bastian Trepka: Synthesis of nanostructured Europium(II)oxide

11:50 Ulrich Nowak: Magnetic Behavior of EuO Tubes Prepared via a Topotactic
Nanostructure Transition

12:10 Mittagspause

13:30 Invited Talk Tanja Schilling: Twisted

14:00 Aleena Laganapan: Searching for the glass transition in 3D ellipsoids: Understanding complex phase formations using translational and orientational correlations

14:20 Matthias Fuchs: Elasticity of colloidal layers: Shape and symmetry matter

14:40 Kaffepause

15:10 Rose Cersonsky: Pressure-Tunable  Photonic Band Gaps in an Entropic Crystal

15:30 Peter Nielaba: Ordering and anisotropy in rod-sphere mixtures in channel geometry

15:50 Invited Talk Gerold Schneider: Hierarchical nanocomposites based on organically linked nanoparticle supercrystals with exceptional isotropic mechanical properties

16:20 Plenary Talk David Pine: Directional interactions with DNA-coated colloids

17:10 Postersession

Freitag, 28. September

09:00 Plenary Talk Shu Hong Yu: Bio-Inspired Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Functional Materials

09:50 Invited Talk Juan Ma Garcia Ruiz: Morphogenesis of Silica-Carbonate Biomorphs : A Review

10:20 Elena Sturm: Self-Assembled Mesocrystals: Structural and Morphogenetic Aspects

10:40 Kaffeepause

11:10 Lukas Schmidt-Mende: TiO2 Nanorod Arrays

11:30 Invited Talk Andreas Walther:  Static and Dynamic Bioinspired Self-Assembled Material Systems

12:00 Helmut Cölfen: Closing Words

12:10 Mittagspause

13:30  Abreise