A2: The onset of anisotropy during calcium carbonate and phosphate mineralization

Principle Investigators:

Dr. D. Gebauer and Prof. Dr. K. Hauser

About  project A2:

Calcium carbonate and phosphate behave very distinctly during the early stages of precipitation, es­pecially regarding the earliest development of morphological anisotropy. In this project, time-resolved in situ analyses of precipitation are designed to elucidate the underlying key factors. The goal is to enable a better understanding of the control of polymorphism and morphology of crystals, so as to pave the way to the rational generation of colloidal building blocks.

Publications in the project:

Alexander Popp, David Scheerer, Benjamin Heck, Karin Hauser

Biomolecular dynamics studied with  IR-spectroscopy using quantum cascade lasers combined with nanosecond perturbation techniques

Spectrochim. Acta A, 2017, 181, 192-199